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Spotlight: Alexander McQueen Resort    


Not to sound Rachel Zoe, however, I am fairly sick over this collection. Literally SICK Via WWD



“I look back at his pictures of me and think that person knew more than I do now. It wasn’t about looking desirable or pretty, [David] said he liked the inward-looking face. I put into those photographs all the things that I loved and that great yearning I had at the time to break away [...]

Spotlight: Daniel Loves Objects    


  SIngapore based ‘Daniel Loves Objects’ creates movable mannequins in two sizes, 1.7 meters and .80 meters, and can be tilted and turned at every joint. The designer indicates that due to the lamps’ flexibility they become a “translation of man’s inner thoughts and desires.” The subsequent results might be “controversial, provoking or elegant.” This [...]

Opioid Opulence: Spotlight    


Who does this look better than Yves Saint Laurent? The Vuitton collection is clearly informed none too little by Yves’ famously conjured Oriental fantasies viewed thru the smoky, sexy haze of 70′s drug use and abuse. Romanticism rolling around in a dream state on silk sheets and swathed in brocade and furs and lames and [...]