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Opioid Opulence: Try it on    


AJ Bari vintage lame dress, vintage Christian LaCroix gold and black belt, Rodenska business cards, emerald necklace purchased in Sri Lanka, black satin sheets courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond (try Agent Provocateur a more luxurious set). Hands taking photo belong to a dear friend and are not for sale-willing to entertain high offers though… [...]

Try it on: Friends and Family    


I have sexy friends. Where there is one sexy bitch, there are many. Thats a lesson for the few of you hetero guys reading this blog. I love to dress my sexy friends up in a style that may be different from their ordinary tastes yet still flatters them. Now tastes in sexy are individual [...]

Haute Bourgeoisie: Try it on    


First things first, I’m not sure there is anything more nausea inducing than posting a pic of yourself on a blog other than perhaps hearing your own voice. You also need not worry that I will be plastering my mug on every weekly theme-although me dressed in drag as Julian Kaye from American Gigolo and [...]