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Childhood Memories Re-Imagined

They say the best place to start is the beginning. I would easily say that for me, like for many, the beginnings of my style were largely an evolution of my aesthetic life growing up as a child, and the word I would most readily use to describe that look is glamour. My mother was always consumately glamorous. Case in point, my mother is wearing a feather boa in our first family photograph while resting baby me on her marilyn knee. On routine shopping adventures, people would often see my  mother reclining on a settee draped in sable and curiously ask if she was a movie star.

Another predominant aspect of this style was her fondness for all things French. Being from Luxembourg, she preferred to align herself with anything Gaelic influenced. Certainly this was considered by her to be preferable to the germanic rural charm of much of Luxembourg. Deneuve and Caleche over Schneider and 4711. Thus our traditional English home was quickly transformed into a quite oppulent creamy mix of mouldings and gilt that was much more au courrent in the America of the 80s than the stylistic nonchalance of the millenium. This was certainly not a time of rustic finishes, comfort over style, or ecclecticism. As I got older, the penchant for glamour imparted to me by my mother was peppered with my growing rage for japanese modernism, french art deco and the haughty cinematic surrealism of Fassbinder and Fellni.

So we come upon my inaugural post-a feast of French 18th century Opulence by way of 70's Beverly Hills. Steven Meisel so perfectly captured this look in his 2001 shoot for Versace, Four Days in LA, that when I originally saw it-I immediately ripped it out of the magazine and showed my mother that her style had been infiltrated. Masterfully.
While my own childhood is a product of the 80's and 90's, I prefer to set the scene within a 70's vernacular in order to refrain from delving into Dynasty territory (for now). FYI, not all fashion choices here are condoned (ahem, powder blue tuxedo?)...
Again, not all fashion choices here are encouraged. Please see following beauty section for, ahem, a few more stylish coiffures.
Everyone needs a few more feather boas in life!