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Opioid Opulence: Try it on


AJ Bari vintage lame dress, vintage Christian LaCroix gold and black belt, Rodenska business cards, emerald necklace purchased in Sri Lanka, black satin sheets courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond (try Agent Provocateur a more luxurious set). Hands taking photo belong to a dear friend and are not for sale-willing to entertain high offers though...

Sony Nex 5 Camera and some seriously metallic red nails. 

More Sony Nex 5 and lots more hot rollers. This time I used the smallest size possible and brushed the crap out of it for a wild feel opposite to shellacked perfection of the Haute Bourgeoisie look. Ring is a vintage 20 carat amethyst with pave diamond edging inherited from good old mom. Thank god for her taste in excess! Do you think I inherited the gene?

AJ Bari vintage lame dress, Vintage YSL purple panne velvet dress purchased from, Rodenska cards, Bed Bath & Beyond satin sheets, antique malachite octagonal box edged in bronze, enamel dragon letter opener serving as "I'll cut you if I need to fancy mini dagger". Not totally sure why I look asian here but it works with the theme so I'll just go on workin it.