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American Gigolo: Fashion    


  By ARMAND LIMNANDER  JUNE 16, 2008 What: Paul Schrader’s “American Gigolo” (1980) Educational Value: Men’s Fashion/West Coast Studies/Debauchery 101 Synopsis: A Los Angeles hustler lives the high life with a coterie of married women until one of his clients is murdered. Never mind the whodunit plot of “American Gigolo” — the movie’s Sodom-and-Gommorah-in-L.A. script is not its main appeal. It has become a classic because of its strikingly on-target preview of everything that came to define 80s hedonism: sex, sun, convertibles, drugs and shopping expeditions to Rodeo Drive. John Travolta was originally cast for the main role, but he pulled out and Richard Gere, his replacement, instantly became a celebrity thanks to his believable portrayal of a hustler on the run; his on-screen chemistry with co-star Lauren Hutton and his now famous shirtless exercise...

Inspiration: American Gigolo    


It's so lonely isn't it? Style over substance but in this case the style is the substance. Staring in your wardrobe and animating your life by projecting what could be on what tie or shoe to pick. Which perfect Corbusier chair that will tie all the loose ends together. All of the characters in American Gigolo are alone with their fantastically immaculate wardrobes and sets occasionally overlapping in a tryst or for a drink at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Their loneliness isn't really so palpable as much just aloneness until they find each other. Gere and Hutton. Armani and Ralph. Thats when their loneliness becomes unbearable and when it all unravels.